This blog is intended to host discussion on knight's fees with their associated manors, as they were in medieval England, and of course the people who inhabited them.


And that may bring forward the manors and/or knight's fee of Watford and those who held them as examples.


The first post, 'The Manors of a Knight's Fee', introduces the fundamentals of landed estates, or manors, and the knight's fees that went with them.  Subsequent posts discuss the subject more widely.

April 20, 2018

The Watford Knight's Fee is now published and available for purchase.  Listed below are the websites of outlets where purchases can be made.

This print edition is available as POD (Print on Demand).  This means an order goes to the printer upon your purchase, the b...

April 15, 2018

Some long time ago when I first heard the word 'inquisition', the context was the 'Spanish Inquisition'.  These inquisitions took place in Spain during three hundred years beginning in the late 15th century.  As a result, after inquisitions sometimes involving torture,...

April 8, 2018

William was the descendant of the de Parles family of Hounesworth (Handsworth) in Staffordshire, one of the counties of the West Midlands.  He became the husband of Joan de Watford, the third of four daughters of Eustace, the Lord of Watford.  In accordance with his ob...

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July 29, 2018

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